Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Expensive and Unpleasant

1/15/18 Maple Leaf neighborhood

The other day when the sun crossing a window unexpectedly cast shadows on some pears I was sketching, it suddenly added urgency to a normally leisurely still life. But it also signaled another urgency: The sun’s out – what am I doing inside? Time’s a-wastin’! 

I dashed outside and walked a couple of blocks, where I’d earlier seen a red and white excavator. It was still, but the lawn and soil around it was already ripped to shreds. As I sketched, the owner of the house came out to chat with her neighbor, describing the expensive and unpleasant project under way. Sewers are involved.  


  1. Glad you noticed the sunshine and rushed out. This looks like it could be a good spot for a few sketches. Nice!!!

    1. Thanks! I'd like to go back. . . but now the rain is here for a while! :-(


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