Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Three Maples Revisited

10/14/15 India ink, watercolor
Almost a month ago, I sketched this same traffic circle with three slender maples in the Greenwood neighborhood. The two on the left were still completely green, while the third was turning beautifully. I had made a note on my calendar to visit again after a few weeks to see if the green ones had turned yet. Today I saw traces of orange, but not as much as I had expected. It was obvious, though, that the strong wind we had a few days ago had taken a lot of leaves down from the one on the right. It might be bald the next time I visit.

As you can see, I’ve forgotten all about my self-imposed rule to use only ink in sketches I post with the #inktober hashtag. However, to keep the emphasis on the ink, I used that most basic yet also the most challenging ink-application tool I know of: the lowly twig. 

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