Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Foggy Morning in Shoreline

10/27/15 Inks
The weather man says that today is the only dry day through the weekend. Even though I’m busier than usual this week with work and travel prep (more on that soon!), I stopped on the way home after a meeting for a quick sketch in Shoreline, knowing that I may not get out again for a while.

Looking down Ashworth Avenue, I loved the way distant trees faded off behind a layer of fog that will probably burn off by noon. Just about a year ago I sketched a similar foggy view in the same neighborhood. That time, I used watercolors. I was tempted to do the same again this morning, but then I remembered Inktober. Diluting small drops of ink and applying the dilution with a waterbrush, I got the inks to work just like watercolors. (I am seriously starting to wonder why I bother with watercolors at all when Inktober has pushed me to try so many fun things using inks only!)

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