Friday, October 9, 2015


10/9/15 ink, watercolor

It’s Day 9 of Inktober, and I’m having lots of fun using this challenge as an opportunity to experiment with my vast collection of pens and inks (more on that in a future post). But October, with all of our trees in full color now, is a difficult time for using ink only. (Maybe I should initiate changing it to Inkcember or Inkuary when there’s no color to be seen J.)

After spending the morning at Zoka Coffee inking fellow coffee drinkers, I drove home jonesin’ for some color. I could have pulled over on just about any street for a fix; this is the one I chose. The two aspens in front had already dropped as many leaves as they were still hanging onto.

And so begins in-car sketching season!


  1. Lovely color to your Inktober sketch!!! When I left home on Monday we still didn't have any trees that have changed...there were some in Cape Cod...and now in Maine it looks great. Too rainy today to enjoy it, but tomorrow I plan on seeing changing trees and pumpkins at the town Pumpkinfest here.

  2. I should look at your blog every day Tina, this is so beautiful. Simple, bright, interesting in every way and delightful.


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