Monday, October 12, 2015

Making No Bones About It

10-12-15 inks, colored pencils

Two years ago I had so much fun sketching a house in our neighborhood that used to go all out on Halloween – an excess of ghouls, corpses, skeletons, ghosts and gravestones covering the yard. Every year beginning on the first day of October, I looked forward to seeing what new horrors would appear. Last year I was disappointed that the decorations seemed lackluster, but I sketched them anyway. Sadly, this year the house is not decorated at all. I don’t really know the owner, but I met him that day I sketched his house in 2013, and that’s how I learned he had been doing it annually for 20 years. (I hope he’s all right.)

Anyway, on my walks around the neighborhood, I’ve seen a few carved pumpkins and spider-webby trees, but nothing too exciting. Then Greg told me about the scene he saw on one of his walks: Two skeletal kids and their skeletal dog and kitty! (All those dinosaurs I’ve sketched turned out to be great training for this!)


  1. Good job on these bony creatures! I wouldn't have thought about sketching the Halloween decorations, but that could be fun.

  2. They look like they're having fun, but they'll need coats when the sun goes down.


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