Friday, October 30, 2015

Grand Central Arcade

10/30/15 inks

Grand Central Bakery and its home in the historic Grand Central Arcade in Pioneer Square hold nostalgic memories for me. When I worked downtown in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, I spent a lot of lunch hours and coffee breaks there. If I wanted to hide from co-workers, or a friend and I wanted a private conversation, the quiet, upper-level tables were good for that. If I needed a quick cup of coffee with no time to rest, I could breeze through and still enjoy the brick interior, the archways and those domed lights that I’ve always loved.

10/30/15 ink
Today while the morning was still blustery, the Friday sketchers stayed in the cozy interior, but eventually the sun occasionally peeked out, and a few ventured outdoors. I was a bit torn – the sun was tempting – but the Grand Central’s unique interior captured my attention for more than one sketch.

(Another thing that captured my attention? My recently modified 3.8mm Pilot Parallel! What a lot of ink that baby puts out now – and with remarkable line variation! Stay tuned for the full report!)

10/30/15 inks

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  1. These are great sketches, Tina. I see you did the modification and seem to like it. Congrats. -- Larry


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