Thursday, May 1, 2014

Persistence Pays Off

5/1/14 Platinum Carbon ink, Pitt Artists Brush Pen, watercolor, Zig markers, Uniball opaque white pen, Canson XL 140 lb. paper
Usually big construction projects and all the noise, dust and traffic revisions they bring are nothing but a nuisance during the multiple years it takes to finish them. But the new Sound Transit Light Rail Station in the Roosevelt neighborhood is exciting to me because someday (not before 2021, unfortunately), I’ll be able to catch a train there all the way to the airport.

Back in March I sketched the construction site from the Northeast 66th Street side, but it was frustrating because of the high fencing. A few days ago when I was on the upper level of Roosevelt Square, I thought I might be able to see the site from up there, but a bunch of buildings and trees are in the way.

Today I finally figured out which street corner I need to stand on for the best vantage point: 12th Northeast and Northeast 65th. An unexpected bonus was the railing outside Mutiny Hall restaurant on that corner: It was just the right height for supporting my sketchbook, palette and paint box. I’ll be back at that corner periodically to sketch the station’s progress (perhaps all the way until 2021).


  1. Nice job on all those construction machines and the work in progress. I always find that when I try to sketch those construction machines it is sort of like playing with an erector set when I was a kid, and they never seem to fit on my page. lol I guess I would have to sketch a bigger scene like you do.

  2. Great sketch of the construction site, Tina. The big problem with subjects like this is knowing when to stop as there are endless 'things' to draw.

    Joan, the solution to things not fitting is to determine the outer limits of what you want to draw BEFORE you start drawing them. A few simple marks will ensure that they will fit.

    Cheers --- Larry


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