Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Pink is the New White


3/1/24 Maple Leaf neighborhood (Uni Pin and Pentel brush markers,
Posca paint marker)

The mossy green paper in my current Uglybooks sketchbook has taken some getting used to compared to the bright orange one I recently filled. The latter’s hue and value were just the right midtone between white and black, enabling both to pop. On the green, however, white just doesn’t seem to pop as well. Looking at my supply of Posca paint markers, I found a pale pink that I thought might work better than white as the lightest value. This sketch was my first experiment to see how the pink “reads.”

I’ve tried a few other Uglybooks colors that I found to be difficult to use as the midtone. With my past habit, I would simply switch to a different color Uglybook. Now that I’m committed to using only one book until it’s filled (and using it daily), I’m challenged to move beyond white and look at Posca marker colors for new possibilities. Restricting myself in one way frees me in other ways.

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