Monday, March 4, 2024

People and Brews


3/1/24 Project 9 Brewing Co.

When I first visited Project 9 Brewing Company last month, I thought it would be a great place to sketch with friends during next week’s One Week 100 People challenge. I invited Ching and Natalie to join me for a little practice leading up to it.

As soon as I got there, though, I forgot that my intention was to practice people and instead started looking for ways to capture the interior “story” with the comic book approach that has lately captured my interest. Facing the counter, where workers dispensed brews of all kinds (alcoholic, non-alcoholic and coffee, too), I put together a page spread with my grilled cheese sandwich and NA beer, a patron working on his laptop, and the hanging lamps.

Natalie was in learning mode!

The trapezoid-shaped box didn’t work the way I’d hoped (I was trying to evoke the perspective), but I do like the way the vignettes fit together on the spread. On the rare occasions when I sketch food, I usually make it the center focal piece surrounded by other vignettes. For the comic book approach, I prefer to make the food smaller, which gives me more flexibility in the shapes that I can make with the other vignettes. I enjoy the challenge of considering the whole page compositionally, which I usually do not think about.

I plan to come back next week during the challenge and sit in back so I can sketch more people.

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