Monday, August 28, 2023

Posca Trick Follow-Up and New “Pin Type”

8/22/23 Maple Leaf neighborhood

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I’ve been storing Uni Posca paint markers cap-end down in my bag, which nearly eliminates the need for shaking, priming and potentially messy blobs. I’m happy (and relieved) to report that I’ve had no paint explosions when removing the cap as I had half-expected, and the Poscas continue to behave well. If this trend continues, I may have found the secret to developing a steady, long-term relationship with Posca markers instead of the tumultuous flings I’m used to!

In related news: Several years ago, I reviewed a white Posca in the 0.7mm “pin type” extra fine size (PC-1MR). At the time, I could find that size only in white and black. After using it a while, the priming/blobbing issue turned into a deal-breaker. A short time later, the tip clogged entirely (I had stored it tip end up in a cup on my desk) and became useless, so I tossed it. The whole experience turned me off to the “pin type” Posca completely (one of many love/hate flings).

"Pin type" Posca markers

During my current Posca infatuation, I’d been using what I thought was the smallest 
0.7mm extra fine (PC-1M) tip size available in multiple colors. Then I discovered that the Posca in the 0.7mm “pin type” size is now also available in many colors. (Or maybe they’ve been around for a while, but I had stopped looking during the “off” stage of my on-again/off-again relationship.)

In any case, my discovery about storing the pens tip-end down gave me new hope, so I thought it would be worth exploring the pin-type pens further. I got several colors, including some metallics.

While the bullet-shaped non-pin type has some line variation between the tip and the side of the bullet, the pin type has a consistent line width. Although I usually prefer pens with line variation over those without, in the way I’ve been using them with a black brush pen on colored pages, the consistent line is nice to use for hatching. We’ll see how these go.

Left: bullet 0.7mm; right: pin type 0.7mm

8/19/23 Maple Leaf (I like the fine hatching I can
do with the "pin type" 0.7mm)


  1. These look like they could be good for writing in white like the white Uniballs.

    1. I got a white one, too, with exactly that in mind! I'm checking it out... it seems a bit wider than Uniball or Gelly Roll, though.

    2. I'm interested in seeing how it works out for you.


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