Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Dilettante Mocha Café (and Fresh Uglybook)


3/15/24 Dilettante Mocha Cafe, Bellevue

To work on the 100 People challenge, Ching and I met at Dilettante Mocha Café in Bellevue’s Bellefield Office Park, which was new to both of us – a nice, large space with lots of natural light. It was a good opportunity to give a solid spin to my fresh Uglybook in a fantastic pea soup color! After failure of the brilliant but dark purple book as a daily-carry for various complicated reasons, I chose the hue carefully: I wanted one that would work well as a strong midtone between black and white.

3/15/24 first test sketch in Maple Leaf

Testing it with a small sketch that morning on my walk, I loved the way both black and white pop equally on the warm green, and the red Posca marker complements it well, too. Score! One of my favorite Uglybook colors is called Grunge green of the same value but slightly cooler. I think this warmer pea soup color may be a new favorite.


  1. I love the color and it works well with your method of sketching. Looks like a winner.


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