Thursday, March 28, 2024

Empire Roasters and Records


3/25/24 Empire Roasters & Records, Columbia City

Kate, Roy and I decided to explore a venue new to all of us: Empire Roasters & Records in Columbia City in south Seattle. As its name implies, it’s a coffee roaster, café and a vinyl record shop. Most interesting to me, though, was that the third floor seating area was furnished with numerous tables, benches and chairs made of beautiful raw edge wood. The scribble you see at lower left, however, was not a piece of furniture – it was a potted aspidistra in front of a window that didn’t come out quite as I had intended. Still, a morning of sketching and chatting with friends is always a good time, regardless of the sketch outcome.


  1. Nice composition of coffee sketching and furniture.

  2. I love seeing your sketches of coffee shops. Do your fields also share their work?

    1. Roy is not on social media, but Kate avidly shares her sketches at !

    2. Thanks for the reply, WOW, Kate has beautiful drawings, thanks for turning me on to her website!


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