Saturday, March 9, 2024

Fog with Charcoal


3/5/24 Maple Leaf from our upstairs bedroom window

Fog is a common winter occurrence. Until it appeared earlier this week, I hadn’t realized how surprisingly little we’ve seen this season. It was thick during breakfast, so I thought I had plenty of time, but by the time I went upstairs, I could see that it was already beginning to lift. I usually use graphite for fog, but anticipating the little time I had, I grabbed a Conte charcoal pencil, thinking it might be faster.

I’m not sure it saved me time, but its chunky point forced me to look at shapes instead of lines. The blending stump worked as hard as the pencil did.


  1. Well captured. Good that you react quickly.

  2. Well duh - never occurred to me that you could "stump" your way to a foggy view. :-)


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