Friday, September 15, 2023

Cars & Coffee


9/9/23 Cars & Coffee in Shoreline

Unlike the Greenwood Car Show, the Edmonds Classic Car & Motorcycle Show and other such events, Cars & Coffee in Shoreline is a casual social gathering of car enthusiasts on Saturday mornings. After seeing David Hingtgen’s terrific sketches of cars there all summer, I finally made it up there last Saturday (before I ran out of good weather).

Strolling through the rows of cars parked in a strip mall lot, I appreciated the convivial atmosphere. It was obvious that this community has been gathering regularly for a while, as everyone seemed to know each other. I saw not one but two red Miatas of a similar vintage as mine! As I chatted with a woman who owned one of them, a man who had owned three at various times came over to chat with us. When I said mine was a ’96, he described the engine features my car had that were new to the model that year. (I had no idea!) I imagine it’s similar to the end of an Urban Sketchers outing, when everyone inevitably starts talking about art materials!

When I finished wandering, I decided to draw a blue Mustang. All I got was the outline when the owner came and drove away! I thought that only happened on the street, not at an event like this! Oh, well – I certainly had plenty of other cars to draw, but by then, I became more interested in the community part of Cars & Coffee. Eavesdropping on a variety of vehicle stories, I enjoyed trying to capture the sea of cars and small groups chatting amiably about their common interests.  


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