Saturday, September 16, 2023

Climate Injustice in Shoreline


9/9/23 Shoreline

A few weeks ago, the organizations that had helped save Luma, the culturally significant cedar, put out notice of a block of trees in Shoreline that were about to be cut down. In addition to the usual cooling and carbon-absorbing benefits these trees provided, they also protected the nearby salmon creek. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get up there to sketch them before they came down, which I regretted. On my way home from Cars & Coffee, I made a point of stopping there to sketch what was left of them.

Although it was sad to sketch, in some ways, this desolate scene gives a stronger message than a sketch of the living trees. Fliers reading “Street Trees are Climate Justice” still hung from the stumps. The QR code led to more information about how citizens could voice their protest to Shoreline officials.

As I sketched, I thanked the trees for the decades of service they had provided to this neighborhood.


  1. I don't understand the thinking behind cutting down so many trees. It is so sad to see this.

    1. Usually it's development and saving money (cheaper to cut down trees than design around them). But in this case, it's very weird... it's just a street with no construction going on nearby. Maybe something big is planned there for later.


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