Friday, September 8, 2023

Summer Skyscapitos


As was true last year, I made the fewest skyscapitos during the summer: I’m not awake early enough to catch sunrise, and by the time the sun goes down, I’m in the middle of a book, movie or some other evening pastime. Looking back at the few I made, though, I’m grateful that this summer’s skyscapitos include only two smoky ones.

A friend took part in the Inchies Challenge this year, sponsored by Mindful Art Studio. She made a series of watercolor paintings that were 2-inch squares. Delighted by the concept, I started thinking about how I might participate in the future – find or make a tiny sketchbook? Draw a grid of squares? Cut up a stack of small, square sheets of paper?

Then it occurred to me: Although rectangular, most of my skyscapitos are about 2 inches on the short side. (Fitting a landscape-format composition into a square would be a greater challenge than the size.) I guess I’m already doing a form of inchies!

This is the only skyscapito I have made while out 
taking a walk. Just as the sun was going down, the
moon was rising, eerily copper colored in the 
smoky sky.


  1. Always enjoyable and interesting to see how you manage to render something very difficult/unique (like a sunset) with colour pencils.

    1. Thank you! It helps that these are tiny, so I can actually capture the color live.

  2. These are nice. Although I walk every morning I miss the sunrise. I need to do some stretching in bed to get these old joints moving. I am sure you wouldn't have a problem doing the 2 inch square landscapes. You can fit a lot into the square format. I love sketching in the square format sketchbooks...although I do cheat and often sneak over to the other side.

    1. When I'm using a square sketchbook, it's funny that I start seeing every composition as a square!


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