Tuesday, September 26, 2023



9/17/23 Astra's forked trunk

Only blocks from Luma, the tree that was saved by public concern, stands another western red cedar in the Wedgwood neighborhood. Named “Astra” by its supporters, it’s on the edge of a lot where a new housing development is coming. The developer has submitted a permit to cut down this healthy, 100-year-old tree, and according to city code, the tree should be protected. But codes are not always enforced, especially when developers apply pressure. Architects have shown that different designs are possible that would enable the development to be built while retaining the tree.

In photos I saw, Astra has a distinctive forked trunk that I wanted to capture, but most of it was dark and hidden behind a fence. I couldn’t show it well in my sketch, so instead, I walked down the block to get the tree’s full height. Lush and perfectly symmetrical, it’s such a beautiful tree that it’s difficult to imagine choosing to destroy it when other design solutions are possible.

9/17/23 Astra stands tall in the Wedgwood neighborhood

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  1. What a beautiful, big tree. Nice that you were able to sketch it to the top!


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