Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Northgate Boxes


9/1/23 Northgate

These boxes are more of the apartments and condos that Northgate is full of – an architectural style that I don’t enjoy drawing. Walking home from the library, I must have been in a masochistic mood again because I decided to sketch them, even as I wrinkled my nose in distaste.

If I abstract them into simple shapes and values, then they become interesting to sketch. The actual colors of the buildings were variations of tan and gray, but the Caran d'Ache botanical palette I’m carrying insisted that I use floral hues, which made it more fun. And speaking of the botanical set, this is my last sketch with that too-vibrant purple Fibralo Brush Marker – in its pure state, it takes over every sketch with its garishness, so I end up having to dull it down. Out with it.

As usual, I didn’t concern myself with perspective as I sketched the architecture, but I should have paid more attention to the perspective of that inclining view – I don’t think it looks nearly as steep as it is. Besides, if I’d taken more time to study that, I could have put off hiking up that hill for a few more minutes.

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