Monday, August 7, 2023

Wooden City Tavern


8/2/23 Wooden City Tavern

Several years ago when Wooden City Tavern was going up at Green Lake, I frequently walked by the exposed, asymmetrical roof beams and couldn’t quite imagine what the finished building would look like. With glass on three sides (click the link above to see photos), including the roof between those beams, it has a beautifully lighted interior (which is frankly wasted on a tavern that isn’t even open until late afternoon – it should be a reading or sketching place during daylight hours).

Though I’ve been intending to sketch it for years, I finally got around to it a few days ago. It was just a quick thumbnail, but I wanted to get the proportions right; I took rough measurements that surprised me. The left half of the building appears taller than it is wide, but it would fit into a square box. The right side is the same width as the left – just a bit taller. I thought it would be larger in both directions. Its design is even more intriguing now that I’ve studied it – intriguing enough that I might make a more detailed drawing of it another time.

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  1. Nice sketch of it. I checked it out on their website...I love all the windows and light.


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