Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Big Action in the ‘Hood

7/31/23 Maple Leaf neighborhood

My walk yesterday was rewarded with action in the ‘hood. First, I could see from a distance that something big and noisy was happening: Where a house once stood was now a huge pile of dirt and debris. Most of the action was hidden behind a tall hedge, which was frustrating, but occasionally a long arm with jaws on the end of it would reach out and dump a mouthful into the truck. I kept my distance to avoid the dust.

A few blocks away, a crane atop a long-bed truck was delivering sheetrock through an upper-floor window of a new house. It’s always fascinating to watch the delicate maneuverings of a crane like this.

7/31/23 Maple Leaf neighborhood

With that, my one and only hot pink Uglybook is full! I finished it in a month – the fastest ever because I stayed with it straight through without jumping around among various books as I usually do. I thoroughly enjoyed using that book – not just the hue (although how could I resist hot pink?), but it was also the right midtone between black brush pens and white pencils or light-colored markers. Many of Uglybooks’ vivid page colors are fun to use, but they are either too dark or too light to serve as a midtone. This pink was ideal.

I received the single book as part of a mystery pack, and Uglybooks told me that the color was a one-off and would not be offered as a pack. We’ll see if my entreaties are heard.

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