Thursday, August 3, 2023

Unfinished Business


7/21/23 Kaila's profile

7/13/23 U-Village
Going through the Uglybook that I just filled, I found a few pages of sketches that were interrupted or otherwise impossible to finish because the model moved too much or went away. Although it’s always somewhat frustrating not to be able to finish a sketch, being as process-oriented as I am, I find this unfinished business interesting to look at. I see an elegance in one or two initial marks that would not be apparent had I finished the sketches.

The ones shown above are my favorites. I recently met my 11-month-old grand-niece for the first time, so this was my first opportunity to sketch her from life. A futile effort to sketch a baby from life, of course, but it was delightful to try anyway.

7/14/23 a dog outside Kizuki Ramen


  1. I think babies have to be sketched when they are sleeping. lol The same with dogs.

    1. I kept hoping Kaila would take a nap, but no such luck. ;-)


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