Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Douglas Fir

8/3/23 Maple Leaf neighborhood

One of many things we love about the Maple Leaf neighborhood is the large number of trees here. As I implied a few days ago, a sketch reportage project I’ve been working on has raised my awareness of Seattle’s mature trees and the alarming rate at which they are disappearing. This healthy Douglas fir, which stands on a property with an old house that is about to be razed for a development, is within walking distance of home. It will likely be cut down imminently.

I feel compelled to sketch all these old trees before they disappear from our urban landscape. 

Updated 8/14/23: This Douglas fir was cut down.


  1. Is there a reason they are cutting down so many, or is it because homeowners are clearing the property to enlarge their homes? It seems like such a shame.

    1. Not homeowners -- developers. They are tearing down small, older homes to build huge apartment complexes. They are really changing the character of many Seattle neighborhoods.


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