Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Roosevelt Light Rail Station (with Posca Accents)


8/4/23 Roosevelt Light Rail Station

At other times when I’ve sketched the Roosevelt Light Rail Station, I’ve tried to neaten up the view just to keep the visual clutter under control. This time, using simpler materials, I embraced the messiness of poles, lines and background buildings.

8/2/23 Maple Leaf neighborhood (don't miss the bunny!) 

Paper color notes: This mustard yellow
Uglybook I started last week has inspired me to try something new. Although I love the yellow hue, at first I was a bit disappointed because it is not quite dark enough for white to stand out as a highlight. So instead of looking for highlights, I’ve been using a high-contrast, medium blue Posca paint marker as more of an accent color – setting the background apart from the foreground, for example, separating the main focus from everything else, or just having fun with pops of unexpected color.

I have several other Uglybook colors that had initially struck me as being less than ideal as a midtone between white and black, but I’m looking at them in a whole different way now. 

Everything has a lesson to teach me when I’m ready to learn.

8/2/23 Green Lake neighborhood

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