Monday, August 14, 2023

Wide and Varied Music in the U-District


8/12/23 Polynesian dancers perform at University Heights

The University District’s year-round farmers market is one of the city’s best, and it was especially lively on Saturday for our USk Seattle meetup. We had a great turnout with at least a half-dozen first-timers!

Since I rarely seem to sketch people anymore, I set out with the plan to focus on buskers and other performers, who have always been my favorite sketch subjects at markets. First I found two singing buskers, each on guitar, on either end of the market. Then, in the University Heights parking lot, the Malua Seattle Polynesian Group performed traditional Pacific Island dances with recorded music. Finally, on the other side of University Heights, a large group of traditionally dressed bagpipers was rehearsing. I think they were on their way to a performance because they eventually started climbing into vehicles.

Bagpipers rehearsing

It was a fun morning with a wide variety of music (sometimes heard simultaneously)!

This busker's amplifier wasn't really levitating. . . I just lost the perspective!


  1. What fun to have a variety of entertainment. Nice capture of all their poses

    1. I've really gotten out of my farmers market sketching groove since the pandemic, so it sure was fun to get back into it!


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