Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Cadman Mixer

7/27/21 Cadman in Renton

Our mini sketch outing!
First Kathleen, then Alice, and now Kate: My best concrete mixer sketching opportunities have come from friends getting their driveways redone! The one yesterday was the most fun because Kate sketched it, too. It’s always a challenge to scale a big machine like this Cadman and still have room for a bit of Kate’s house, too.

As Google was leading me to Kate’s cul de sac, I had noted the top of a water tower. After I was done with the concrete mixer, I went back to the spot to sketch the water tower, too. A subtle tree is painted on the tower, and an actual tree stands right in front of it. The challenge was to include both so that it was clear which was which!

7/27/21 Renton


  1. Love how your friends are cooperating and having their driveways done. lol Great job on the concrete mixer. Nice shading on the trees and the tree on the water tower. Interesting view of some of the buildings...super shadows.

    1. I'm lucky that my friends know what I'll be interested in sketching! ;-)

  2. I stopped over at Kate's blog to see her sketch too. Looks like a fun sketch subject.


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