Monday, July 5, 2021

No More Tree

6/30/21 Green Lake

On our walk around Green Lake last week, Kathleen and I had noticed a tree that looked like it had been ripped apart – a large piece torn away from the rest. It’s the kind of damage that occurs after a big wind or rainstorm, but nothing like that had happened recently. My plan was to come back, find a shady spot, and make a leisurely portrait to memorialize it.

I was too late. When I returned after lunch, the city was already there, feeding the tree into a loud chipper/shredder. I took a few seconds to put in earplugs, and they were nearly done – it’s fast work taking out a tree that had been growing for years (as is true of most things… destruction takes a lot less time than construction).  

(Incidentally, does anyone else remember the 1996 Coen brothers film Fargo? It’s hard for me to see a chipper/shredder without recalling that movie.)


  1. I completely agree with you, not only about the the sad end of that tree, but also about the shredder. I think the Cohen brothers are such geniuses.

  2. Ah...another plan foiled by a wood chipper. Glad you had some equipment to sketch instead.

  3. As I read your blogposts, I saw a word that jumped into my heart! Madrona(tree) Homesick for them! When I moved into my first Seattle area home on Clyde Hill, one of my favorite features in front yard was a flourishing madrona! I'd never known one in my first 28 years! If you see some more and are inspired, please draw a couple with the gorgeous glossy leaves and ruddy, rusty- colored peeling bark! That would be a thrill!

    1. I probably take Madronas for granted because they are everywhere! I will think of you next time I see one!

  4. I have 6 hens! I don't free them to roam my yard much because of the efficient predators, that is a change from previous flocks who got all day, then part-day roaming privileges. It hurts me to keep them so close in, but my kids began to call me hen-killer. ( they were wrong, of course, but I did have something I could do: Keep them safer!) So I'll draw a few and post drawings (they are interesting characters! ) in my blog Madisonotes . Hens slow to begin laying but get about 3 a day. Love them so much!


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