Monday, July 19, 2021

Twelve Years and 50 Strong


7/18/21 Fishermen's Terminal

On July 19, 2009, Gabi Campanario invited anyone who wanted to sketch to join him at Fishermen’s Terminal. Thirteen showed up for that first outing of Urban Sketchers Seattle. In the ensuing 12 years, USk Seattle has met at least monthly (except for 14 months for that pesky COVID) and as often as weekly during the summer. Yesterday we had a record-breaking turnout at Fishermen’s Terminal to celebrate 12 years of sketching together. Fifty were counted at the throwdown!

Although I wasn’t at that first outing (it would still be three more years before I attended my first), I’ve sketched at the terminal at least a couple of other times with USk Seattle, including the group’s seventh anniversary celebration. As I sketched the bright yellow crane yesterday, I remembered that I had sketched it at the last celebration, too (apparently my eye goes to cranes before ships), from a different angle. Last time, Frank appeared in my sketch; this time, it’s Suzanne and Stephanie, as well as the fishing vessel Vernon.

Trying to screw up the gumption to take on all the gazillions of boats, I wandered around a while just enjoying the sunshine. That’s when I spotted Sue sitting at the end of a pier and decided I’d leave the boats for another time.

Sunny and with temps in the low 70s, it felt like heaven to be sketching with my tribe. Happy anniversary, USk Seattle! I’ll be there for many more to come.

Sue sittin' on a dock


  1. Sounds like there was a great response to celebrate the 12th anniversary! I'm glad you found some fun equipment in your favorite yellow as well as people too.

    1. It was such a great turnout of new and familiar folks!


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