Saturday, July 6, 2019

New Driveway

6/27/19 Driveway work in the Greenwood neighborhood

A friend who lives nearby was replacing an old driveway and concrete stairs. Of course, an excavator was involved, as well as workers who were moving some rocks by hand. I dashed right over. The excavator was resting, but not the men. I’m not sure what they were doing this day (above), but I was promised a cement mixer the following week.

7/1/19 Pumper
I remembered from other attempts sketching cement mixers that they don’t hang around for long, so I knew I had to work as quickly as possible. Arriving before the truck was due, I started a sketch of the pumper and its hose running up the driveway, hoping I’d left enough space on the page. Before I could finish, the Cadman arrived (with its bulldog logo), so I started a new sketch. Its huge girth was difficult to scale on my sketchbook page!

Eventually I had time to go back and finish the first sketch I had started of the pumper and the mixer pouring cement into it.

7/1/19 Cement mixer

7/1/19 Captured just before it left.
I had a feeling the cement mixer was gearing up to go, so I made one more quick sketch from the front. I finished in the nick of time – a minute or two later, the driver was climbing into the cab. It was an excellent hour of entertainment in the Greenwood neighborhood.

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