Monday, July 6, 2020

Porch of July

7/4/20 Live video stream of Kristen and Mark

My niece Kristen Koyama and her husband Mark Rooney gave a taiko performance Saturday afternoon during Porch of July, a community music festival in their Maryland neighborhood. The two long-time taiko musicians set up their driveway with a makeshift stage and put out folding chairs for safely distanced and masked audience members. Although I would have loved to have seen them in person, apparently it was sweltering that day, so I was perfectly happy to enjoy their dynamic performance on a live video stream. They were joined later by other equally energetic musicians.
7/4/20 Rowan Corbett
Although I’ve sketched live taiko performances many times, I had never caught this couple drumming together in my sketchbook. In fact, this was the first time since their wedding eight years ago that I’d seen them perform together, so it was especially fun.

I also sketched vocalist Rowan Corbett, another act during Porch of July. No, he isn’t wearing headphones. . . I just had difficulty capturing the shape of his shaved head. (Sorry, Rowan.)

Mark and Kristen


  1. Didn't you sketch Kristen performing outside once before? Or did you post a video? It must be fun to sketch it as it is happening.

    1. I have sketched my niece Alix performing taiko a few times... maybe it was her. Yes, I have 2 nieces who are taiko musicians! :-)


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