Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Four Corners

7/13/20 NE 91st and 2nd Ave. NE, facing west

While I was working on the series of sketches made from a traffic circle, once in each direction, I immediately started looking for other traffic circles where I might be able to do similar sets. Several blocks north, I found one with potential: The intersection was much wider, and the sidewalks farther away from houses, so I felt safe standing on the corners instead of on the roundabout itself. It turned out to be quiet; I rarely saw cars or pedestrians.

You’ve seen the south- and north-facing views previously, but I’ve included them here so you can see all four corners of the intersection of Northeast 91st Street and Second Avenue Northeast.

7/11/20 facing east

5/27/20 facing south
6/10/20 facing north

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