Sunday, July 26, 2020

Another Palm (Plus Safe-Sketching Tip)

7/20/20 Maple Leaf neighborhood

The palms of Maple Leaf series continues.

We had a short heatwave last week, so I made it a habit to go out sketch-walking early in the day. When the temperature is in the high 60s, and the sun is still low enough that it’s possible to find shade (though it was gone before I finished), urban sketching is heavenly. And this sun-streaked palm made me feel far away.

A safe spot in quiet Maple Leaf.

Here’s a safe-sketching tip if you can find a quiet residential street: Sketch just in front of or behind a parked car. You’ll be safe from traffic, and you’ll also be out of the way of pedestrians on the sidewalk. In my quiet ‘hood, I rarely see others, especially in the early morning, so I don’t need a mask. It almost feels like the “before time.”


  1. Good tip, Tina. I've done that in NYC too. Sometimes that is the only way to be safe from the traffic, but you have to hope that if the driver is ready to pull out he/she notices someone is there. lol Nice sketch with the morning shadows!

    1. I know this wouldn't work in every neighborhood, but in residential areas where not too many cars are coming and going, it's safe. I'm always ready to leap out of the way, of course. ;-)


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