Saturday, May 2, 2020

Two Prompts in One: Our Kitchen

4/23/20 Our refrigerator

A few weeks ago, a prompt from USk Japan gave me the idea to sketch with my non-dominant hand. Although I haven’t been following all the group’s prompts, a couple more recent ones caught my attention: Draw from a high viewpoint (as a counter to the “down low” prompt suggested by others) and use materials not intended for art. I decided to meet both challenges in one sketch.

Years ago, also in response to a prompt, I sketched part of our kitchen looking down from the stairwell, and I recall it being very challenging. I didn’t have space in the composition for the corner with the refrigerator, though, so I took that on this time, again from the stairwell. The unconventional art material I chose was the inside of a box of instant oatmeal. That idea wasn’t original; Australian artist Peter Rush is well known for his works made on reused cardboard packaging. It’s the cheapest form of toned paper I know of! Colorful and very opaque Uni Posca Paint Markers (which I reviewed at the Well-Appointed Desk a while back) made it extra fun.


  1. Gonna be hard to put this into a sketchbook. Nicely done!

    1. Ha-ha! Yeah, I just tossed it onto a stack of paper! ;-)


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