Sunday, May 17, 2020

Life Skills

Surviving this pandemic has taught me a few life skills. First, I had to learn to plan meals better and anticipate food needs farther ahead in case I can’t schedule a grocery pickup or delivery when I want it. Second, I had to learn how to make Dalgona coffee to keep up with the cool kids on Instagram. (Tip: Buy an electric whisk.)

But the most important life skill I’ve learned? How to give Greg a buzz cut! A couple of YouTube videos were all I needed. I may continue to earn $15 plus tip every four weeks, even after this pesky, life-threatening virus is conquered.

What life skills have you learned during the pandemic?



  1. Aside from deserving a degree in nursing I don't know if I've picked up any new skills. I should have focused on some skill while I was home alone but I didn't. And I have cut Jerry's hair for years...and he needs a cut now. lol

    1. Oh, I bet you do deserve a nursing degree by now! Take care, Joan -- I'm sure you have a long haul ahead.


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