Thursday, May 21, 2020

Notable Pencils: Vintage Mitsubishi Boxy Turbo Bicolors

Vintage Mitsubishi Boxy Turbo Bicolors

Some of my favorite “notable” pencils have come to me as gifts from generous friends who know I have a thing for colored pencils. This set of Mitsubishi Boxy Turbo Bicolors is not only bicolored (my all-time favorite form for colored pencils) – it’s also vintage!

Marked with the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) symbol, which means the pencils were manufactured in 2008 or earlier, the image of the car inside the tin lid is a clear indication that the set is much older than 2008 – it screams of the boxy late ‘80s or ‘90s. A design that’s “approved by Honda”!
The JIS symbol is shown on the blue side of this bicolor.

The JIS symbol also appears at the tin's upper left.

Approved by Honda!

(This is part of my series of occasional posts that are not really reviews but stories about products I find notable for one reason or another.)

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