Friday, November 1, 2019

#InkTober2019 Final Check-in: Goal Accomplished Sluggishly

After an enthusiastic beginning looking forward to becoming reacquainted with my favorite fountain pens, then an uninspired first week and still foundering by the third week, I finished InkTober 2019 with a dull thud, relieved that it was over. I may have gotten 31 sketches done (I didn’t count, but I was probably close), but most were uninspired and nothing different from what I usually do when I have a pen in my hand. I did enjoy using my trusty Sailor Naginata Fude de Mannen again, which I had neglected since I started focusing on graphite and colored pencils. But I had no creative breakthroughs or interesting experiments.

I shouldn’t say I had no interesting experiments: My Platinum with a music nib surprised me during life drawing by being so much fun. On Monday I used it again for the two-minute poses, and again I was pleased by its flow and fluidity. I also enjoy that a fountain pen seems to fly in the face of the age-old tradition of life drawing with a big chunk of charcoal. I plan to continue getting regular fountain pen fixes at life drawing. In fact, it’s a nice counterpoint to all the dry media I typical use there.

So I accomplished my InkTober goal after all: By reacquainting myself with a couple of my favorite fountain pens, I discovered a way to use them that I hadn’t explored before.

One more thing I learned (or re-learned) from InkTober is how useful it is to make value studies. Several times during the month, I made a thumbnail value study first in ink only, then sketched the same scene again in full color. But the thumbnail wasn't just a token InkTober sketch; it reminded me to pay attention to the values -- and that's always a useful thing to remember.

Shown here are the InkTober sketches from the last week of the month (other InkTober sketches done on location were already shown in the posts on those subjects). See my Flickr album for all the sketches from InkTober 2019.

I also started using this Uni Pin this month... I like
it a lot, and it may be my favorite brush pen.


  1. It is always good to read your wrap-ups. What is the brown ink you used for the figure drawings?

    1. Glad you enjoyed the wrap-up! The ink is Diamine Autumn Oak, which I thought was fitting this month!

  2. Yay! You did it! Sometimes I think artists are thought to be flibbertigibbets wafting thoughtlessly through life. Little does anyone know how much determination and self discipline it takes. I think you’re a great example of consistent practice and diligence.

    1. Awww, thanks, Michele! That's good to hear, especially since I wasn't too inspired this InkTober! Next year I might give the prompts a try.


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