Tuesday, October 8, 2019

#InkTober2019 Check-in: Rough Start


Week 1 of InkTober 2019 is finished, and I admit I had a rough start. Although I still write with fountain pens in my journal regularly, it had been a while since I used one purely for drawing. My favorite Sailor Naginata Fude de Mannen felt familiar as an old friend, yet even old friends who have been apart for a while need time to get reacquainted. By Day 4 it finally started feeling like part of my hand again.

An ongoing annoyance is that the old Moleskine sketchbook I’m using for InkTober is feathering more than I initially thought it would. I’m going to stick with it a few more days, but at some point, I might say, “To heck with it,” and switch to something else.


On Day 3 I had fun experimenting with brush markers – a set of Kingart dual-tip brush markers that I borrowed from a friend who had received them in her InkTober box from ArtSnacks. I didn’t give them a full workout, so I’m not going to review them, but I wasn’t especially impressed. Compared to other similar watercolor brush markers I’ve used, such as Tombow and Marvy LePlume, the Kingart markers didn’t seem to have as much pigment and were not easy to blend or wash. Most annoying was when I pulled a cap off, ink splattered out, ruining a fresh sketchbook page. Nonetheless, it was fun to play with some new materials for InkTober.

(Oct. 5 was shown on my post from that day.)


10/3/19 Kingart brush markers in Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook




s another early page from the Moleskine sketchbook from 2012. 


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