Sunday, November 17, 2019

Stegosaurus Stenops and the Voices of Millions

11/13/19 Stegosaurus stenops at the Burke Museum
On my second trip to the newly reopened Burke Museum, I arrived shortly after the opening time. Quickly climbing the long flights of stairs to the third floor, I passed about a million or so elementary school children marching up the same stairs with their teachers. I was hoping they would stop on the second floor, but they were attracted to the same thing I was: the Jurassic period.

I found a support beam to stand against (and protect myself from the endless stream of kids) to sketch the cast model of Stegosaurus stenops, which was found in Utah during the late Jurassic. Five years ago, I sketched this vegetarian at the old Burke from a different angle – and its tail was so long that I had to continue it on a separate page. This time I faced it head-on. Just as I did the last time, I marveled at that tiny, tiny head supported by its massive body.

Although most of the million kids were more interested in
running through the exhibits, this group sketched as quietly
as I did -- and obviously enjoyed the same period.

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  1. After having experienced being with a group of kids at museums for many years, I can almost hear their voices and see them chasing each other. I don't think they ever stop. Luckily this group near you seems quite still. With this head-on view of him, you did a great job of sketching him and fitting him on the page! Nicely done.


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