Wednesday, October 16, 2019

#InkTober2019 Check-in: Fun at Life Drawing

10/7/19 Timothy (2-min. poses)

A big surprise so far this InkTober is the fun I had with a fountain pen at a life-drawing session. Years ago when I sketched regularly with fountain pens, I often used them at life drawing (here’s an example from 2014), sometimes raising eyebrows in the studio because it was apparently an unusual choice where most participants are using more traditional media like charcoal or Conte. I didn’t know any better, so when my choice was questioned, I always responded with, “Why not?”

Although I didn’t care about other participants’ reactions to my choice, over time, I used fountain pens less because even my broadest nibs felt too fine for large and fast drawings where detail wasn’t important compared to capturing the gesture. I eventually switched to broader and wetter brush pens, which I still enjoy using for shorter poses.

Since my main goal for InkTober this year is simply to reacquaint myself with my beloved fountain pens, I said to myself once again, “Why not?” I chose my Platinum 3776 pen with a very broad music nib, which flows fluidly. Filled with Diamine Autumn Oak ink in homage to the season, the Platinum was even more nimble than I expected it to be. It kept up with me on all the two-minute poses. I even like the look of the restated lines. I’m going to bring it again next time.

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