Sunday, November 3, 2019

Precious Light

10/30/19 Maple Leaf neighborhood

Our fabulous streak of sunny days is about to end, so I went out in the early afternoon again for one more try at a backlit street. I took 10 minutes to make a value study for InkTober first, below (you saw it already in the batch I showed a couple days ago), and by the time I finished that, the light had already moved, and the shadow shapes had changed. Light is so precious this time of year as we see less and less of it each day.


  1. Nice sketches. It is strange how the difference of one hour makes such a change in the light! Yesterday by 4:00 I didn't want to be out sketching because the light was already so poor. lol We get so spoiled by the sunshine.

    1. Our sketching hours are getting shorter! Quick -- time's a wastin'! ;-)


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