Thursday, September 26, 2019


9/21/19 Wedgwood neighborhood

The last time I drove east on 75th, I had to pass through a slow area managed by flaggers, which can mean only one thing: heavy equipment nearby! Sure enough, numerous machines were digging around and doing who knows what. I waited until the following weekend and then went back, knowing that the machines would probably be quiet then. I found this beauty (top of post) resting on a side street, along with several more.

It rained for a couple of days, but on the next dry day, I went back for more. Apparently the project didn’t take long, and most of the machines had already moved on. But I managed to catch a twin brother (below) of the first one. They are identical except the one below has a smaller shovel on the end opposite from the large yellow shovel; the first one I sketched had some kind of flat-bottomed instrument instead.

As I was sketching, a woman in a car drove up slowly and finally stopped in front of me. “Are you drawing that machine. . .??” she asked, incredulous.

“Umm, yes. . . yes, I am.”

She broke out in a smile. “I saw you the other day. . . you were sketching the other one that was over there!”

Yes, that would be me, too.

9/24/19 Wedgwood neighborhood

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