Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Seattle Style: Fashion/Function

9/12/19 REI's ZipAll suit

I don’t think of Seattle as a city known for fashion; if anything, we are the height of Grunge anti-fashion. Yet it turns out that many designers either began here or somehow put Seattle on the fashion map, and I learned all about it at the Museum of History and Industry’s current exhibit, Seattle Style: Fashion/Function (through Oct. 14).  

It was fun to see a range of clothing from evening gowns to Doc Martens spanning the past century or so. Although I saw a number of pieces I wanted to sketch, including a ‘60s dress decorated with the Space Needle and other Century 21 World’s Fair motifs, I chose the bright green ZipAll suit. Made by local outdoor clothing manufacturer REI, the suit was an April Fool’s Day spoof last year. The suit, which zips apart into multiple pieces, features a blue cape that “not only helps you look like a badass, but also doubles as a bib for those messy campfire meals.” The best part about the spoof was the accompanying video!

Dress with Space Needle and other World's Fair icons
Kurt Cobain's sweater and cap --
Grunge fashion at its best.

I love this outfit... such timeless elegance.


  1. Interesting pieces! I really laughed at the idea of the bib making someone look like a badass. lol What are you left with after all that unzipping???

    1. You are left with a pile of pieces that fold up nicely into a little case! Ha-ha-ha!!


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