Thursday, September 19, 2019

Last Gasp of Summer

9/12/19 Lake Union Park

After days of cool temps that forced me to put socks on for the first time since June, we had a few afternoons of partly sunny skies, and I was out in a T-shirt again! The day we saw the MOHAI fashion exhibit was one of those days, so we took advantage of being at Lake Union Park to enjoy the sunshine.

I made a small sketch of the park’s footbridge, which enables pedestrians to take a shortcut across Lake Union to MOHAI, and the interesting shadows it cast under the early afternoon sun. Then I walked halfway across the footbridge to sketch the Tordenskjold, a halibut schooner built in the Ballard neighborhood in 1911. It’s one of several historic wooden boats moored on Lake Union at the Center for Wooden Boats.

The whole time we were at the park, I kept wondering where all the Canada geese were. . . usually the park is full of them, and walking requires stepping carefully to avoid what they leave behind. I needn’t have worried; walking back to the car, we found a bunch of them doing what they do best.

9/12/19 Poop machines busily at work.


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