Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A Slow Season for Urban Couches

9/3/19 University District

It’s been a slow summer for urban couches; the last time I sketched one was in early June. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been out of town frequently, or maybe I just haven’t been in the right neighborhoods. In any case, I’ve been jonesin’ for one.

Historically, Labor Day weekend is a big one for moving, so I went out hunting. Sure enough, I spotted this brown leather one in the U-District. Upholstery torn in several places, its owner didn’t even bother with a “free” sign; it was destined for the next trash pickup.

Across the street, another pile of furnishings had been abandoned. I left those for the next sketcher, though.

I only do couches.


  1. It is so rare that I see couches out by the curb...but I always think of you when I do. I don't know what people do here with their couches and chairs. Maybe they get picked up before I get out there. Anyway, I Iike the way you depicted the softness of the pillows.

    1. Some months I see them frequently, other times none! It's tough for couch hunters like me. ;-)

  2. I saw one in Kent area today, on the way back from Trader Joe's!


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