Sunday, September 15, 2019

Life-Drawing Weather

9/9/19 10-min. pose

It had been nearly four months since I went to a life drawing session at Gage. (I can’t bring myself to sit in a dark studio during the sunny summer months.) Feeling creaky and rusty, I bought a fresh punch card and went on the first day of fall quarter.

9/9/19 5-min. poses
Fortunately for me, the model was Shawna, whose fluid, dynamic poses make me feel more warmed up than I really am. It’ll take me a few more weekly sessions to get back in the groove, but it feels good to be back at Gage.

I’m wearing a hoodie and socks again. Even as I type this, our furnace is being tuned up for the winter. As a friend posted on Facebook, “Summer didn’t even say ‘bye. Bitch just packed her shit and left.” My only solace is that life-drawing weather is back.

9/9/19 5-min. pose
9/9/19 20-min. pose

9/9/19 10-min. pose

9/9/19 10-min. pose

9/9/19 5-min. poses


  1. it is all about location. Here in Northeast Florida we can't get the bitch to leave.

    Raintoday and dry with temps in the 90s for Monday and Tuesday.

    1. Ha-ha!! This is probably normal for around here, but summer is so short that it's hard to see it go.


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