Monday, September 16, 2019

Ellie’s Scooter Plus Symposium Sharing

9/14/19 Ellie's Aprilia Scarabeo (with Kate's Prius behind it)

Ellie Doughty rides an adorable Aprilia Scarabeo scooter. When USk Seattle met in the Queen Anne neighborhood Saturday, I didn’t get farther than the meetup point because I wanted to sketch the scooter right there where she had parked it. Bonus: I knew she wasn’t going to move it anytime soon.

Our sketch outing was in a slightly different format than usual. After sketching, we had our throwdown in the Queen Anne branch library conference room. We then stayed on for a brown bag lunch and informal presentations by those who attended the Amsterdam symposium. In addition to sharing information about their workshops and other symposium experiences, several participants passed around their Amsterdam sketchbooks. Since I had very little opportunity to see Seattle sketchers while there, it was especially fun to hear about everyone’s experiences and see their sketches.

Sharing symposium experiences


  1. Love the scooter. I would have stopped to sketch it too...especially knowing it wasn't going anywhere soon. I saw a photo of it on Kate's blog. Glad you had the opportunity to share info and sketchbooks from Amsterdam.

    1. The sharing session was a fun and informative way to find out what everyone's experiences were, since most of us hardly saw each other in Amsterdam!


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