Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Return of White

10/5/17 Greenwood neighborhood
If you saw my post yesterday, you must have figured out that I’ve had enough of toned paper. I feel like I should be able to convey whatever light, color or mood I want to with toned paper – artists like Pat Southern-Pearce seem to do it all the time. But days like the ones we’ve been having lately – a brilliant blue sky blazing with trees – demand white paper, and I’m good with that.

I’m sure you’ll see the return of my toned book again – but not before the sky turns as gray as the paper.

(Yes, you’ve seen these trees before – I sketched them just a few weeks ago. Whenever I’m driving through Greenwood, I just can’t resist them.)


  1. You seem to have more color change than we do at home. Even here in Maine the leaves are far behind changing colors. I as glad to see the light in this! Nicely done!!!

    1. Thanks, Joan! We are having a fantastic fall here! This year the maples started turning several weeks early.

  2. I like the white background. It makes the colours pop!


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