Monday, October 16, 2017

Sun, Fun and Funko

10/15/17 Funko storefront
The intersection of California and Wetmore in Everett was a lively place Sunday morning, and I’m not talking about the line of people waiting outside the Funko store door. It was lively because sketchers were on every corner and even on the rooftop of the parking garage across the street, sketching the most colorful residents of downtown Everett.

I was there a month ago scoping out the location for Urban Sketchers Seattle, but I stayed on the street level that time. On Sunday I went up to the garage rooftop with several others, where we got a fantastic view of the storefront (and the bright sun at our backs kept us warm). I’m not familiar with this lavender-colored monkey, but I was told he’s a video game character. I never found out why a line of people began forming an hour before the store’s opening, but I was told by employees that it’s been like that every day since the store opened in August. They obviously know something I don’t.

Stickers and a pencil case!
By the time I finished my first sketch, the store opened, so I went inside to warm up. If you saw the photos on my post last month, you know I was tempted by a lot of cool but overpriced Star Wars trinkets. This time I couldn’t resist.

My haul purchased, I went back out to the sidewalk on Wetmore Avenue to catch Anne and Vivian sketching the storefront (plus Batgirl and the same monkey overhead). 

Although Everett is a little further north than we typically go for a Sunday outing, we got a great turnout on this chilly but sunny morning. What a fun place!

10/15/17 Wetmore Avenue

Suzanne on the rooftop
Michelle sketching the storefront


  1. That is quite a fun looking location! I remember when you were there previously. Nice sketches! Since I never have anything to do with video games I'm sure the characters wouldn't mean much to me. lol

    1. It was one of the most fun places we've sketched at! I didn't recognize many of the characters either, but thankfully, there was Star Wars. ;-)


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