Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bringing the Foliage Forward

10/25/17 complete
Here’s the same drawing you saw last week – a cluster of trees at Green Lake. With Suzanne’s helpful feedback and a few more hours of work, I made three significant changes: I made the shadow shapes behind and around the foliage darker and more cohesive to bring the foliage forward (my primary objective); I erased out most of the distracting small tree behind my subject trees in the lower right to push it into the background; I changed the shape of some of the branches and foliage to improve the composition. There’s probably more work I could still do (that’s the problem with a drawing based on a photo reference – you can keep tweaking it for the rest of your life!), but I’m calling it done. (Below it is the version I showed last week so you can see the changes.) 

10/21/17 in progress


  1. Looks so much better! I think the added darks make the branches pop and lightening that background tree moved the main tree forward. Nice improvement!

  2. The end result is definitely worth the few more hours work!

    1. Thank you, Ching. . . I agree that it was worth it!


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