Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Market Color

10/9/17 Metropolitan Market, Wedgwood neighborhood
When I arrived at Metropolitan Market, it was early enough that I could choose nearly any parking spot I wanted. Several maples are planted there, so I picked a couple of the most colorful ones, then found the ideal spot across from them. I had a clear view when I started sketching, but of course, two cars pulled in shortly thereafter. (It’s the Murphy’s Law of urban sketching!) Even so, Metro Market is one of my favorite retail spots for fall color. Coincidentally, I sketched a few different trees in the same lot exactly a year ago. 

Technical note:  My tried-and-true method of using water-soluble colored pencils to sketch trees is to apply pencil pigment dry, and then spray lightly with water. I like the texture that method imparts. Most of the turning maples I’ve sketched this season were done that way. For the one above, I tried something different – more of a traditional watercolor technique. First I sprayed the paper lightly. Then I used a waterbrush to “lick” pigment from the pencil tips and apply it directly to the wet paper. This technique with pencils is just as tricky and difficult to control as it is with wet-in-wet watercolor paints. But in the case of trees, I love the uncontrolled effect.

1 comment:

  1. Nice variety of color in your trees. I haven't looked around home for color yet. I guess if it was out there I would notice. There wasn't a lot of color in Maine yet either...unless you were on the highway going 65mph. That's where the color was. lol


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