Saturday, December 5, 2015

Drawing Jam, Part 1: Models

12/5/15 ink (Thor and Merida, members of Comic
Book Characters for Causes)
Gage Academy has done it again – another fantastic Drawing Jam! This was my fourth Jam (see 2014, 2013 and 2012), and it seems to get better and better each year – better organized, better models and more of everything. 

I think I broke last year’s record – 15 sketches instead of 14 (not counting the one-minute poses) – and in less time (I stayed only seven hours this year compared to last year’s eight). (Why sprint when you can marathon?)

For the second year, Urban Sketchers Seattle used Drawing Jam as an opportunity for a meetup. Although models and still lifes aren’t within the Urban Sketchers manifesto, so many other people are participating – artists, performing musicians, instructors giving demos and more – that there’s plenty to sketch that would qualify as urban sketching. Unlike previous years, I spent less time sketching models and more time sketching everyone else this year, so I’ll post only the posed model sketches today. Stay tuned tomorrow when I post the urban sketches.

12/5/15 ink (Princess Leia)

12/5/15 ink (a comic book character I'm not familiar with!)

12/5/15 Zebra brush pen (1-minute pose)
12/5/15 Zebra brush pen (1-minute pose)

Urban Sketchers Seattle at Drawing Jam 


  1. Last I checked the urban sketchers manifesto doesn't define subject matter at all. It only says you have to draw on location and be true to your subject. You've created an amazing series of urban sketches here, Tina :-) --- Larry

  2. Great sketches, Tina! My absolute favorite is the dancer with the fan. You should print that and frame it. The guy with the eye patch and spear is another of yours that I really like.


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